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How To Choose A Freelance Copywriter
That Will PUT Money In Your Business

As a freelance copywriter I know most of the top writers in Australia, and I can tell you there are some clear differences between a writer that will PUT money in your business, and a writer that will not.

In fact, I have found the BEST copywriters have 5 common characteristics that separate them from the pack.

1. Track record

First and most important great copywriters have undeniable track record of performance. Quite simply they have helped their clients make millions of dollars in new found profits.

2. Guarantee of performance

The best copywriters are supremely confident in their abilities... and often... guarantee their performance to the right client. That does NOT mean great copywriters guarantee results for every business. The fact remains; there are some business owners that cannot be helped - no matter what the writer does. But you should speak to any freelance copywriter you're thinking of working with about their guarantee of performance. The BEST ones will tell you honestly whether they guarantee their work with you, and if they don't, WHY they cannot guarantee a specific circumstance

3. Educates others on how to write killer, "world class" copy

The best copywriters are also great teachers. Why is this? It's because in the process of teaching one also deepens their understanding of a subject. And so, you'll find the BEST writers run seminars... and workshops... they are authors of books and manuals... they teach other writers and business owners how to turn words into money.

4. Writes copy for his own businesses

You want to work with a copywriter who writes copy for his own businesses. You want your writer to eat his or her own cooking. Nothing beats hard life experience. So, when a writer has been forced to learn the insider secrets to writing great copy by investing his or her own money... YOU know the copy is going to be strong.

5. Is in demand and has a backlog of work

Let's face facts: a copywriter that can't get clients for his own business is a troubling sign. You ONLY want to work with a freelance copywriter who has a backlog of clients to work with. The BEST writers are in big demand. It's that simple. So only choose a copywriter who has a backlog of work.

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